All About SEO

Thanks to the digital ecosystem, online sales platforms are now getting a lot of customers’ attention as compared to stores. Most customers prefer searching for products online even if they will not purchase the product. Organisations that are ready to engage their digital customers should, therefore, be prepared to invest in learning what SEOs are and how they can be of help to their business.

What is SEO?

SEO is the technique employed by businesses to make their content more attractive to search engines. The tool helps to improve the searchability and visibility of a website. Regardless of the size or type of business, SEO’s have plenty of advantages and help the company to shift to another level.

A research done on 9/2016 by Smart Insights show that 30% of the total clicks are usually for the search results in the first position on the SERP. 12% of the clicks to position 3 and 2% to sites in position 9 and 10. These findings show that there is a wide gap between the top and the lower rankings. It indicates that the brands looking for attention from online customers ought to boost their rankings by focusing on SEOs.

Benefits to the Business

SEO is a critical component to the success of any online brand. With SEO, a business is guaranteed of the below advantages:

a. Obtaining visibility of the digital customers and therefore, an ability to make more sales and an increase in their profit margin

b. Business with a strong online presence will always be at the top of competition hence gaining a competitive advantage

c. A stable and robust SEO strategy perfectly positions the content of a business’s website.

d. With the continually changing environment that is on the Web, a business might find it challenging to maintain the top position.

With a good SEO however, your business will always be in the loop for the significant changes that take place during searches